International Fellowship of Saint Bruno (IFSB)

The calling of our members is: to follow the spiritual path of Saint Bruno, founder of the Carthusian Order, characterized by the search for God in silence and solitude, in the intimacy of the heart. We are drawn by the ideal and the real life of the Carthusians, and so we explore the possibilities of drawing from this monastic, contemplative life, while living in the world. This is the core of the fellowship and applies to all our members. However, those who wish to join our forum who simply to find out more about the Order and its history are certainly invited to do so.    

The second level of participation in the IFSB is as a St. Bruno Lay Contemplative (SBLC)

While IFSB membership is a prerequisite to being considered for membership in the SBLC, IFSB membership should not be viewed as a "try out team" for either a Third order or even the SBLC.To be considered for acceptance as an SBLC,with rare exception one must be an IFSB member for a period of no less than one year.  

Canonical status

The SBLC itself is an aspiring Private Association of the Faithful, we are not a Third Order; the Carthusian order does not have Third Order.

IFSB Members, 

The Spiritual Path of Saint Bruno is characterized by the search for God in silence and solitude, in the intimacy of the heart. It is therefore advised that IFSB and SBLC members devote some time every day inasmuch as possible to silence for the Prayer of the Heart, for meditation or for spiritual reading (lectio divina).

Members are invited to study the spiritual path of Saint Bruno and the Carthusian order. They will be provided with a collection of basic documents in order to help developing prayer: selected texts, history of the Carthusian Order, excerpts from the Statutes of the Order.

Members are encouraged to practice regularly the Sacraments whenever possible (Eucharist and Confession), and to do an annual retreat, to better integrate silence and solitude in to their lives,and to find some time daily to do so.

Contacts between members are encouraged, through our Internet Forum, and also through the organization of meetings of small groups of members whenever this is possible. Internet meetings are organized every two or four weeks, possibly through videoconferencing systems. Themes are proposed and the exchanges are monitored.

 "While the Internet Forum is the first level of member participation and is
open to all interested, the Association of the Faithful is a second level
implying a higher degree of involvement. Admission to this second level is
submitted to a serious and possibly severe screening or discernment. Applicants
must have a clear knowledge of what they agree to when requesting membership and
of what their obligations are." - Rev. Father Marcellin Theeuwes, La Grande Chartreuse, 2003